Binary Innards (founded in 2018) is an Albuquerque, New Mexico based information technology company that specializes in low cost, robust, and secure solutions for small business and non-profit organizations. We do not aim to replace your existing staff or IT provider - our goal is to augment your existing expertise, fill the gaps, and help you grow into new technological areas.

We enjoy working with our clients to understand their unique needs and requirements. We deliver powerful solutions at competitive rates (for any budget). Binary Innards can help you focus on your business and customers - leave the technical aspects of your website (hosting, WordPress), security, and collaboration software (SharePoint) to us. We are also happy to document and train your staff on the ongoing operation of solutions we build (if you prefer more autonomy).

If you have questions about our services or would like to discuss opportunities to optimize your web presence, save money on web hosting, or maximize your investment in Office 365 (SharePoint, One Drive, Forms), do not hesitate to contact us. Guidance and estimates are always free.

Binary Innards
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Neil Sabol Avatar

Neil Sabol is a jack of many IT trades who enjoys architecting and deploying solutions to support research, administrative processes, and other business operations. His 10 years of IT experience spans various industries (government, healthcare, higher education, military/aerospace, Fortune 500) and various functions.

He is a huge proponent of open source solutions in the enterprise and enjoys providing outstanding customer support for various applications and platforms.

His favorite web-related technologies (and interests) include: Amazon Web Services, Apache (webserver), cPanel/WHM, F5 (LTM and APM), Linux, Windows, and WordPress. Some of his ancillary technology interests include 2 factor authentication, Google Search/SEO, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Flow, and scripting (Bash, Batch, JavaScript, PHP, PowerShell).

He also enjoys business / technical writing and data analysis of all types (Excel, Splunk, Cherwell Searches/Widgets/Dashboards, etc.). When he is not immersed in Information Technology, you might find Neil riding a weird bike (outdoor elliptical, kick bike), longboarding, volunteering with Junior Achievement, or binge watching a SciFi series.

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Apache / IIS
  • Application Support
  • Authentication
  • Cascade Server (CMS)
  • Cherwell Service Management
  • Confluence (Atlassian)
  • cPanel / WHM
  • Duo Security (2FA)
  • F5 (APM/iRules)
  • Google CSE/SEO
  • ITIL
  • Linux (AMI, CentOS 6+, RHEL 6+)
  • Log Analysis
  • SharePoint
  • Web hosting
  • Web app migrations
  • Web app upgrades
  • Windows Server (2008+)
  • WordPress
Favorite Technologies